DESIGN Rock Nox LaLeLu Catamaran Houseboat
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Rivers and Tides Boatbuilding - Design

From the idea, via the first draft, to the final production drawing. - We let your boat dream become reality. This process requires the following steps.

Step 1: Briefing
We ask you about your expectations, use case and wishes about your future boat in the first talk.
The question-catalogue consists of about 120 questions, going over the general usage, like the climate environment or duration of use, the precise amount of equipment of the pantry, engine, fuel tank etc. This analysis is an integral part of the briefing. Our costumers receive all documents as a copy.

Step 2: Hand-drawn sketches
Based on the briefing, we produce a large number of hand drawn sketches. These form a base on which we can discuss the future exterior design. Furthermore, to-scale drafts illustrate the interior plan.

Step 3: Concretisation
Based on the sketches from Step 2, we generate two favorites, that will be developed.
In this step, we focus on the realization, practicality and structure, converting those to scale sketches in to drawings and CAD.
We generate a ground plan and a 1:1 Mock-Up that leads to the final determination of the floor plan.

Step 4: Technical finalization of the construction
Final plans for the start of construction begin. You can modify your future boat up to this step.